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A History in Heritage and a Women's Story Since 1997

Snoozzzeeee Dog, "Exclusive and Beyond Expectations."

I often read on other companies websites reasons why they launch their own range of pet bedding, always reading the same old story in statements “I was bored with the pet beds on the market today or I could not find a pet bed that was suitable, so I produced my own, etc.etc. etc. Sorry folks, your statements and reasons are not original. They say, copying is the greatest compliment and flattery you can bestow on another. I state all this because it was me in 1997 that coined this story that others use today, my story was true and original at the time. Lucky for me all of this is documented in magazines and TV programmes from as early as 1997. This is why we are the One and Only Original Snoozzzeee Dog.

I have so many broadsheet articles and television appearances to look back on that it is a pictorial video diary and written recorded history of the brand forged since 1997, which no other pet bed company enjoys even to this day. It remains so clear when looking back at the brands history over the last 25 years what a roller coaster ride I had which I share with you on this website. Remembering being thrilled when we produced the first dog bed and seeing it come off production in April 1997, excited, exhibiting at my first show at the NEC April 1997 (Pet index) and being invited on television when my beautiful Vizsla was stolen to plea for her return.

So what made Snoozzzeee Dog so original, special and different in1997?

The difference I believe was deciding to put our printed logo on the dog bed, thus advertising the best name on an apparatus that your companion snooze’s on, “Snoozzzeee Dog”. No pet bed company had ever done this before. Just like the name Hoover became infamous for describing Vacuum cleaners, Snoozzzeee Dog became the name for telling your companion to get into its "Snoozzzeee Bed"… it perfectly describes what a dog does in its bed … it sleeps and snooze’s, I truly believe it is the best descriptive name for a dog bed, it does what it says on the bed !

I will always remember being told by Malcolm the lovely gentleman who manufactured my first production pet bed, “Let me give you some advice" he told me "little printed dogs don’t sell on pet beds,” the rest as they say is history.

 Snoozzzeee Dog never got off to a slow and quiet start like most new fledgling companies, our first customers that year were QVC, Pet World (Focus DIY), Costco and Makro, these were not small pet shop accounts.

Snoozzzeee Dog began 5 years of amazing growth, moving to 3 new premises to accommodate the burst in sales and before I knew it, 35 staff and a 24 hour 5 day a week production was demanded, exporting all-round the globe.

Soon after, we had the Agent of Paws animated Cartoon, comic books, music CD with an Xmas story book , so much was going on my feet never touched the ground. We supplied supermarkets, international distributors, wholesalers and pet shops, home and abroad, basically everybody and anybody !

Even though I have this saying, If you aim for the stars but fall to the moon you haven’t done half bad (for a girl born in SouthSea),” I felt in 2002 I had entered Andromeda and left my own galaxy. Sitting down one evening I realised this whirlwind of success was not what I wanted, it had consumed my life, I had created a Snoozzzeee Dog and it needed feeding 365 days a year.

For me, I believe a successful business is one that you control and not the other way round, I stopped enjoying my work and in September 2002 sold my controlling interest in the business and brand to another and was given a  contract to assist the new owners in the smooth hand over of Snoozzzeee Dog. However, my vision of the company conflicted with the new owner, sadly I resigned and departed the company that year.

No job, no business, no work and a lot of commitments, I needed to do something. I picked myself up and dusted myself down and set myself a new goal of  bringing a new brand back to the market place to openly challenge Snoozzzeee Dog. Posh Pet Bedding was born in 2003. Building up the brand and taking customers away from the old Snoozzzeee Dog brand became my main objective. You know the saying ladies "there's nothing worse than a women’s scorn"!  Within 4 years I achieved my goal and Snoozzzeee Dog in 2007 under a new owner was out of business, partly down to me taking its main customers away from them and partly down to their own demise, quality. In 2008 I sold the brand Posh Pet Bedding to a company in the Netherlands and with that bought back my true love, Snoozzzeee Dog, which like a lost doggie I always knew would find its way back home to me!

Once again in 2009 I launched the new Snoozzzeee Dog brand and by 2011 we were suppling the same leading wholesalers and multiples foreign and domestic ,all getting out of hand once again….…............ stop!

This time it was going to be different.  As early as 2015 we could see the market was going to change so we took a step back, retreated and decided to concentrate the business on direct selling, giving a 1st Class service and stepping up the quality of the product to our critics, you the customer. Snoozzzeee Dog with my vision and aspirations needed to be more, be hands on and interact directly with the customer and the needs of their pets, small is beautiful and now I was in control.

So here we are today selling direct to you but with a history and heritage other businesses can only look and envy and a heritage you can trust. After 25years I still offer my One and Only Original Snoozzzeee Dog brand, a line of luxury and exclusive pet beds and accessories that will machine wash and tumble dry all at affordable prices and beyond expectations, all direct to the private owner with my face of guarantee on every bed sold, which means, if you are not happy then I am not happy.

Please enjoy and look around my site, maybe even buy a bed or two, after all a Snoozzzeee Dog Bed is a life style and luxury no companion should be without. A heritage of friendship that I want to last a dog’s life time. 

I am still the only woman creator and owner of a pet brand in the industry that puts her own image on every bed sold as a sign of guarantee.

I have sold millions of Snoozzzeee Pet Beds over the years and still today my customer’s love them and I have not lost my drive and energy to continue producing them.

I really hope you enjoy my new website and shopping experience.

May I welcome you to the World of Snoozzzeee Dog and hope we can be Friends for ever! 

Sarah Spencer

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